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A diamond deposit is the remains of a subterranean volcano that long ago erupted into a redwood forest. On the way to the surface, about 100 miles down, molten host rock called kimberlite passed through a rocky field. This is where carbon, under precise intense heat and pressure, crystallized into diamond. This deposit swept upwards for 50 million years.

The continent drifted north as glaciers scraped the redwood forest clean and melted water pooled on top. Caribou stopped by for a drink. No one named the lake until now!



They are independently certified by AGS or GIA, laser inscribed and Gemprinted.

There is no diamond available today more thoroughly guaranteed!




Tundra Diamonds are Gemprinted and registered in the Gemprint International database. Gemprinting is a non-invasive method of identifying diamonds using a laser-based scanning device and registering the diamond's unique optical signature.

For additional assurance, every Tundra Diamond is sent to the AGS or GIA for a second, independent grading. The government certificate number and AGS or GIA grading report number are laser inscribed onto the diamond.

Never before has a diamond industry been developed and regulated by the cooperative efforts of indigenous people, private business and government. The latest in technology and government supervision assure environmentally safe mining and the highest quality cutting standards. Reliability is assured through government certification, Gemprinting and further examination by the Gemological Institute of America.



Unlike many brand name and generic diamonds available today, Canadian Arctic Diamonds truly possess superior quality and are among the finest cut in the world. With no fancy marketing gimmicks, Canadian diamonds are competitively priced and offer superior value.

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Beneath the frozen tundra, far to the North, lies what might be the most valuable deposit  of diamonds in the world. STOWE GEMS is proud to present these crisp Canadian Tundra Diamonds, mined and polished in North America. Cut to only the highest standards, these diamonds exhibit a fire and brilliance that you’ve never seen before. Tundra Diamonds are carefully mined to protect wild life and the environment and come with the CanadaMark that guarantees the country of origin. Tundra Diamonds  are truly the most breathtaking diamonds you’ll ever see!

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Canadian Arctic Brand Diamonds come with the only country of origin guarantee available today. They are all natural North American diamonds. With their "triple guarantee", there is no other diamond in the world that is more thoroughly guaranteed and certified for the protection of the consumer. It is important to recognize the following trademarked name...synonymous with 100% guaranteed Canadian diamonds.



Diamonds are unique, and Gemprint can detect differences between stones that appear identical to expert gemologists. Finally, diamond owners, retailers and gemologists have a scientific, precise way to positively identify any diamond, at the time of purchase, appraisal or repair.

Gemprint Identification




Every Tundra Diamond has passed many tests along its path to the CanadaMark.  During certification, each diamond is Gemprinted and registered.

Gemprint uses a non-invasive low-powered laser to capture the unique sparkle pattern of each diamond and registers this image in its database.

Should the need ever arise, should your diamond ever be stolen or sent for repair, the Gemprint of your diamond can prove your ownership, or prove that someone switched yours with another.

Gemprint has been used in court cases to provide positive identification for recovered stolen diamonds.



Most insurance companies that insure diamonds give substantial premium discounts when the diamond is Gemprinted. Also, insurance may help replace the value of a lost diamond, but Gemprint can help get your stone back. 

These Diamonds are not from a war-torn country!
Tundra Diamonds are carefully tracked to assure provenance and  inspected to meet the highest standards of cut and polish.  When
the finished gem has successfully completed an exhaustive battery of quality assurance tests, the Tundra mark and registration number are laser inscribed onto its girdle.  Each diamond is monitored from the rough crystal through to the finished product creating an unbroken chain.


Look at the steps that have been taken to assure minimal environmental impact and friendly relations with the wildlife and aboriginal people of that land.


Strict enforcement of environmental controls on the diamond mining industry.

In most cases, diamond mining is very big business. Multi-national mega corporations make the decisions, and take control of every aspect of mining and distribution of raw diamonds. So, it is unusual that many local professionals in the trade actually benefit from the mining. Raw product is sent away, along with any hope that qualified local cutters might have.

Tundra Diamonds are unique in that the cutting is being done by locally-owned businesses, providing jobs for the community. Every Tundra Diamond has been mined and also cut and polished in Canada's Northern Territories.




With abundant wildlife to protect, mining operation must not threaten the Bathurst Caribou herd that migrates through the area.

Protection of the Grizzly Bear, Arctic Fox, Red Fox and Wolverine, as well as the Tundra itself is enforced by legally binding environmental agreements with the government.

An independent agency has been established to monitor environmental issues related to air quality, aquatic conditions and archaeological sites, as well.




Tundra Diamonds in Stock

Completely Cool 14K White Gold Band with Two Flush Set Round
Faceted .06 Carat Sparkling Tundra Diamonds. Snug in a Four Prong
Setting is a Round Faceted .33 Carat Icy Tundra Diamond.
Color F, Clarity VS2, Size 6



A Beautiful Three Prong Setting with a Center Set Round Faceted
.52 Carat (E Color and VS2 Clarity) Sparkling Tundra Diamond. Two Round
Faceted .90 Carat (total weight) Shimmering Blue Sapphires.
White Gold Band, Size 6.5. 
Price $4,895.00, Refer to stock number DI846.

Magnificent 14K White Gold Textured Band Decorated by a Stream
of .19 carat (total weight) Sparkling Diamonds on each side of the Center
Round Faceted .32 Carat ( F Color and VS1 Clarity) Tantalizing Tundra
Diamond. Size 6.5.  Price $2,299.00, Refer to stock number DI844.
Matching 14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band Decorated with a
Stream of .25 Carat (total weight) Round Faceted Dazzling Diamonds.
Size 6.5.  Price $685.00/ Refer to stock number DI845. 



Wonderfully Strong Design, Platinum Three Stone Ring with Outstanding Detail.
  At the Center is a Round Faceted .78 Carat Tundra Diamond with
G - Color & VS2 - Clarity.  Brilliant Bright Round Faceted 1.73
Carat (total weight) Intense Vibrant Blue Sapphires are
positioned on both sides of the Tundra Diamond.  Size 6.
  Price $8,750.00, Refer to stock number DI765.

TUNDRA North American Diamond, 1.07 Carat!  G Color, SI 2 Clarity, A BEAUTIFUL DIAMOND,  Beautifully mounted in 14K White Gold "Poppy Blossom" Mount.  Price $9595.00.  Refer to # DI 601

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An independent government agency was formed to protect wildlife and the environment


A Gemprint can help get your diamond back.


Tundra Diamonds are North American Canadian Arctic Diamonds

These extraordinary gemstones are mined, cut and polished in Canada.

Certified by the CanadaMark, Tundra Diamonds are truly conflict-free.


These Arctic Diamonds are Gemprinted, graded by the AGS or GIA and laser inscribed for your protection.