Topaz Collection 

Topaz, birthtstone for November, occurs in yellow, amber, green, blue, pink, and clear. Precious Topaz refers to a yellow to peachy orange color while Imperial has a saturated reddish orange color.  Topaz is a symbol of beauty and spendor.

Sterling Silver
Bypass Blue Topaz Ring
Imperial Topaz & Diamond Earrings
Peachy Precious Topaz Ring
Precious Topaz Bead Necklace
Strawberry Imperial Topaz Ring
Wavy Precious Topaz Ring
Leaves & Berries Blue Topaz Ring
By-Pass Precious Topaz Ring
Braided Blue Topaz Two Tone 14k Ring
Precious Topaz & Diamond Bracelet
Precious Topaz & Diamond Bracelet
Precious Topaz & Pink Tourmaline Necklace
Precious Topaz Pendant