Tourmaline Collection

Tourmaline is referred to as "gemstone of the rainbow" due to the amazing variety of it's colors including blue, red, pink, green, and multi-colored.  Pink tormaline is a birthstone for October and tourmaline is the gemstone of love and friendship.  

Sterling Silver
3.96ct Tourmaline Ring
Tourmaline Creamy Ring
Indicolite Tourmaline Ring
Tourmaline Bow Ring
Tourmaline Two-Tone 14k Ring
Blue-Green Tourmaline "X" Pendant
6.34 CT Tourmaline Ring
Rubellite Tourmaline & Pink Sapphire Ring
Triple Bi-color Tourmaline Pendant
2.45Ct Tourmaline Ring
Checkerboard Pink Tourmaline Ring
Watermelon Tourmaline & Pearl Bracelet
Channel Band of Tourmaline