How it all began ....

     Barry and Caroline met on New Year's Eve in 1970, and entered into a deep conversation about jewelry. Caroline's passion was design, Barry's love was gems. Together their energy created Stowe Gems in 1982. This year we celebrate our 27th Anniversary!

     Stowe Gems' jewelry is the result of a combined effort of one of today's finest jewelry crafting teams.  The Stowe Gems artisans encourage one another to try new things, new designs, new ways.  The finest jewelry is produced by challenging one's experience within the demands of fashion and style.

     Stowe Gems' experience in the jewelry and gemstone industry and worldwide contacts provides us the opportunity to find some of nature's finest examples of gemstones, crystals, and even Paleolithic fossils.  Our goal is to showcase the finest gemstones, especially the rare and unusual, in our original handcrafted designer jewelry.



     Stowe Gems' gallery spans the full range of interest, with tumbled gems for 50 cents, to a rare Burmese Star Sapphire of eighteen plus carats at 48 thousand dollars.  Our Inventory spans the range from Amethyst to natural Zircon.  Our specialties include Tanzanite, Emerald, Tangerine Garnet, Tsavorite, Opal, and a captivating array of natural color Cultured Pearls.

Today Barry and Caroline are still working to make their New Year’s Eve dream come true.


American Gem Trade Association (AGTA)
Stowe Gems was awarded one of AGTA's Cutting Edge Awards for an exceptional Electric Royal Blue Apatite. This Gem was small, .99 Carat ,but the color was so unusual and so intense it swept its category.

Vermont Magazine "Best of Vermont"

To quote Vermont Magazine "Barry can make anything".

Vermont Store Hours: 10am to 5pm daily E.S.T.(closed Sundays and most Tuesdays)
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Phone 802-253-7000


70 Pond St. / Post Office Box 1554

Stowe Village , Vermont 05672


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